Premature and newborn babies need to be kept warm the first period of their life. Even if they are from warm countries in Africa, they are vulnerable. This is because they don`t have the ability to regulate their body temperature. Without sufficient heat, the baby may develop many complications, the worst of which is death. Since there is poor or nonexistent access to incubators, we are knitting wool-incubators!

By knitting wool clothing, meaning hats, blankets, socks, and mittens, we are helping the babies to keep warm. A large proportion of the loss of body warmth is lost through the baby’s head. Therefore, even such a simple thing as a wool-hat is very effective!  

The wool-incubators are being delivered to a baby-orphanage and several hospitals in Arusha (Tanzania), and to clinics in Uganda.


Please help us to give these little ones a warm welcome into this world! 


The wool-incubators can be delivered or sent to the following addresses in Norway:

  •  The Hospital in Vestfold (Sykehuset i Vestfold)
  • Ucare Project. Address: Nedre Bogenvei 30B, 3150 Tolvsrød, NORWAY.
  • Else H. Åsebø. Address: Juviknipa 44, 5918 Frekhaug, NORWAY.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!