About us


We are a non-profit foundation.

Our vision is to reduce child mortality.

We want to start sustainable projects that will change the future for children at risk! 

We want to reduce child mortality by ensuring that children receive food, safety and education. Ucare project is an independent organization. Our administration consists solely of volunteers, meaning that 100% of the contributions goes directly to our projects. We attempt to involve the locals in our projects in order for them to become sustainable in the long run.


The leader and founder of the organization, Lovise, got the inspiration for her work during a period as a volunteer in Arusha, Tanzania in 2013. Together with Eirik Berge Eikenæs, they started a knitting project in February 2014. The project consisted of knitting wool-incubators for newborns and premature babies in Arusha. Eirik has also worked as a volunteer in Equador. They are both in medical school, and want to dedicate their lives to helping others. 

In the summer of 2014, the organization Unconditional Care Project was founded in cooperation with several other medical students, who also participated on the same trip to Arusha. We now have a board consisting of nine members, with different areas of knowledge and experience




Leader: Lovise Myhre – tlf +47 482 09 592

PR representative: Helena Nysand - tlf +47 481 15 534

E-mail: info@ucareproject.com