we are founding education for children

In Kenya, the state founds the first 8 years of education in primary school. Most schools demands that a fee of 65 USD, for additional expenses, is covered before the child can start.

 For the child to attend secondary school, the family must cover all expenses themselves. There is no founding from the state. Each year at secondary school costs between 190 to 300 USD.  

Approximately 40% of the population In Kenya lives of 1USD per day. Due to this, many children are not able to complete primary school. This is especially true when it comes to orphans. 

There is 60 children in this project. These are children who now are able to attend school, thanks to all those of you who has bought a gift card. Many more children are in need of support. With your donations other children can get a better future. 

The child's´ guardians are encouraged to cover the costs for school uniforms. In most cases they are able to do this. 

We believe that education is the key to fight poverty. Help us make a difference! 



ways to contribute: 

- buy gift cards for primary school 

- buy gift cards for secondary school 

- give donations to cover school fees or the costs of uniforms 

- become a permanent sponsor 


Gift cards

We sell gift cards at different values. For a child in primary school, the costs are: 

6 USD = 1 month of education for 1 child
12 USD = 2 months of education for 1 child
18 USD = 3 months of education for 1 child
30 USD = 6months of education for 1 child
60 USD = 1 year of education for 1 child

100% of the donations goes directly to the cause, and will be payed to the schools in order to ensure each child a place on the list of enrollment. 


Do you want to become a permanent sponsor? 

Send us a mail with your full name and address to unconditionalcareproject@gmail.com 

Et eksempel på våre fine gavekort!

Et eksempel på våre fine gavekort!

Donations can be transfered to 1503.54.84385

or by Paypal

Paypal charges 2,80 NOK + 3,4% of donation in extra fees. We encourage you to pay through your bank account.