Ucare Project is a non-profit foundation. Our vision is to reduce child mortality. Our projects are localized in Kenya and Tanzania. 

All administrative work is performed by our volunteers. 100 % of the donations goes directly to the projects. 

Below is a short introduction to our projects. Please follow the links to find out more. 

our projects in Kenya: 

Ucare Project started Project Kisumu in order to help children at risk in the area around Kisumu. Project Kisumu consists of two initiatives:  


Ucare Maisha center

In Kisumu, Ucare has opened a development center for orphans. Every day 120 children spends time at the center. 

The center is a safe place where the children who needs it the most receives help.



children´s education project

We believe that by helping children stay in school, they will have greater options later in life.  

We are giving financial aid to education by selling gift-cards. The value of the card goes directly to financing a child's education. 


our projects In TANZANIA

In Tanzania we have four projects:  


ucare family home

We are building a home in Arusha, Tanzania for orphans who can not be adopted or returned to family members. 

We are building a home where these children can live with foster parents,  a Family Home. Will you help us? 



Pamoja basketball project

Ucare supports a local basketball team in Arusha, Tanzania.

We believe that by engaging the youth in a healthy after-school activity and teaching them good core values in life, we are helping defeat poverty.  















project girl effect

Ucare wishes to promote women´s rights in the african society.

We are working to empower women so that they may become strong leaders in their community.  



a warm welcome

Help us to give babies a warm welcome to this world. 

We are knitting wool-incubators to premature babies. These young ones are not able to regulate their own body-temperature. By knitting wool-incubators we are helping them to stay warm.